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Our services help startups or pre-existing enterprise reach their bussiness goals. Our strategies help your bussiness to evolve, establish and maintain a better business that ensures everyone works towards common goals. In brief, with no outlined strategies, the organization, knowingly or not, depends on blind luck and optimism to survive. OBBA helps clients by collaborating closely with them to develop solutions that fit their needs and ambitions. Below, you will find helpful strategic capabilities that will aid your organization on its ongoing journey.

Customer Experience

When was the last time you truly came across an exceptional customer experience; how enjoyable was it? Did it not have a profound impact on how you viewed the organization as a whole? A successful strategy is valuable and pleasant from the point of view of the customer. It is a necessary element to any successful firm’s ability to boost and maintain high revenue, as well as retain customers that happily promote your brand and advocate for your offerings.

Marketing & Sales

OBBA supports businesses by enhancing their marketing and sales strategy to attain profitable growth. By gathering insights from customers, market conditions, and competitors, OBBA models the economic realities of said insights, and then we compare them to our client’s current state of affairs. From there, OBBA works closely with management to insert meaningful organizational changes that take into account effective practices and processes to implement strategies unique to our client’s products (or services), programs, and customer segments.

Growth Strategy

Growing an organization produces many benefits, such as acquiring assets, attracting new talent and investors. However, not all growth is beneficial as in certain circumstances; it can ruin value, such as when ambitious organizations start unproven, costly, and lengthy development cycles result in useless offerings. Organizations cannot manage their affairs carelessly, making uninformed leaps of faith by entering unknown markets or introducing new offerings without knowing whether demand justifies their development.

Brand strategy

Over time, organizations shift their brand strategy as customer preferences shift. However, consumer preferences can be fickle and result from an intense, widely shared, yet short-lived enthusiasm, which often prevents the recipients of newfound success from recognizing how unreliable these pockets of opportunity are; thus, brands require ongoing care.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Essential technologies of the past, and emergent ones yet adopted, have shown that technology is far more than a business enabler; instead, it has become a catalyst to create sustainable differentiation, create new value streams, and retain customer retention. New paradigms have made interactions with customers reciprocal, making digital strategies necessary to feed firms critical insights in real-time that improve the customer journey.

Project Management

From small yet ambitious startups to long-established organizations, it is easy for people to overestimate the relevance before introducing new offerings to market. In knowing this, innovation does not have to be met with hesitation, lengthy cycles of development ending in dead ends, and an unwillingness to improve, as many of the factors contributing to failure are avoidable.

What We Offer

OBBA’s portfolio of services are meant to help organizations determine the best way to solve issues by clearly defining achievable solutions to their ongoing challenges, and providing them with ongoing support during the implementation phases.

BIA Media

BIA Media is our production company, focusing on promoting Black business and community issues to bring greater awareness to the nation at large.

BIA Chambers

BIA Chamber our focus here is the development and growth of small business and to facilitate our client’s financial success.

BIA Pages

BIA Pages is the business directory aimed at strengthening our client, brands and promoting their presence online..


ABEPOG is a non-profit organization focused on cultivating the professional development of current & future generations of black Canadian citizens.

Our Approach

Effective business strategies act as the organization’s blueprint, a documented plan outlining the collective short and long-term actions (or steps) needed to attain the organization’s desired goals. It also details a whole host of fundamental principles, allowing the organization a sense of their performance, capabilities, and future risks. Thus, it provides management the opportunity to remedy their known and unknown weaknesses.
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