OBBA | We have rebranded

The Ottawa Black Business Alliance has been in operations for four years in our community. Our purpose is to assist with the professional growth and development of local commercial activity by educating, training, and promoting independent business owners and entrepreneurs. Recently, OBBA has rebranded into three smaller organizations in an effort to diversify and specialize its services.

BIA Chamber Of Commerce

BIA Chamber promotes corporate leadership and responsibility through smart economic/business development for entrepreneurs in the National Capital Region as well as nationally, providing strategic information, social networking, and resources to support the growth and development of independent businesses

BIA Campus

BIA Campus is an e-learning platform that  offers learning courses in the business and finance industry, workshops to develop professional skills and behaviours, training for high-demand professions such as IT service and web design and much more.


BIA Media

BIA Media’s  goal is to bring attention to the smaller businesses that offer something unique and see them thrive in the local market.  We offer live video/radio stream, advertisement design and promotional support, broadcast media interview, business profile & listing page on BIAMedia.ca.

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