Our Initiatives Hub

Since its inception, Ottawa Black Business Alliance Office has launched over 30 initiatives in partnership with government and private sector entities. Some key initiatives include, Business Improvement Area, Community Investment Program, Strategy, Happiness Agenda, Roadmap, Knowledge Transfer, The Business Pledge, Executive Education and Governance.

BIA Media

BIA Media is our production company, focusing on promoting Black business and community issues to bring greater awareness to the nation at large.

BIA Chamber

BIA Chamber our focus here is the development and growth of small business and to facilitate our client’s financial success.

BIA Pages

BIA Pages is the business directory aimed at strengthening our client, brands and promoting their presence online..

BIA Media


Keep up with community news

BIA Media is an organization dedicated to helping promote small businesses. We offer a wide range of services from media production and coordination to live radio and TV interviews. These services are provided by experts in media management, communications, and business development to best serve your needs – and tell your story..

BIA Chamber


Creating Smarter Communities

BIA Chamber is an e-learning platform that offers courses in the business and finance industry, workshops to develop professional skills and behaviours, training for high-demand professions such as IT service and web design and more.


BIA Pages


More Than a Directory

BIA Pages provides local businesses with an online platform for engaging customers directly and allowing full control over directory content. The goal is to strengthen brand awareness online and help bring in new customers.