In 2014, the United Nations began campaigning for an International Decade for People of African Descent, a movement which resonated strongly with North America’s diverse Black population. The campaign sought to address the rich cultural history and traditions observed by various communities, fill in gaps in knowledge of Black history, and encourage governments to seriously invest in solutions for the issues of poverty and discrimination facing these groups. Having worked for over 25 years on his own self-started businesses and projects, Founder and Executive Director Luckner Thermonvil saw firsthand the struggles faced by Black entrepreneurs in Canada; they were far more likely than other business owners to go bankrupt or stagnate, had greater difficulty gaining exposure, and were subject to discrimination by the communities (and authorities) which they served. Seeking to address their need for support, Mr. Thermonvil founded the Ottawa Black Business Alliance in 2015 with the mission of becoming a pillar in the community and fostering an environment for thriving entrepreneurship.


Our difference

Our outsourcing model of managed operations is quite unique – in fact, we were the first in the National Capital Region to offer it. This means we help you build your full-time, dedicated team in the African/Caribbean/Diaspora Business and Entrepreneurs, taking care of everything on the ground, while you retain full control of your team, including quality, workflow and productivity. So not only do you enjoy significant cost savings (up to 70%), but you still get employees who work just for you, in your business, working towards your business-specific goals.



OBBA Social Responsibility

Business plays a vital role in addressing social and environmental issues in the African/Caribbean/Diaspora Business and Entrepreneurs